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Click here for my no. Snowden sees big future under cryptocurrencies! He thinks that Bitcoin is going to grow in the near future. Currently he is concentrating on Zcash from the point to replace Bitcoin. Video Share Download Add to. Zcash is much worse than BTC or Monero. It has a trusted setup - they say trust us people Why anybody would trust them when they tax their own community and even suggested that they will have back door for government use.?

Google "the current state of crypto mining" basically there are massive armies of private, proprietary ASICS designed specifically for a coin, dominating zcash and monero mining behind the scenes. I currently mine ZEC, but this makes me weary, definitely not something I support. Privacy cryptocurrencies will be very important in the future if you want to keep your anonymity. It is good idea to get stocked early. You can split your holding between established currencies as Monero and some promising projects with great technology and development that can bring you big profits in the future like DeepOnion.

Those who refuse to follow any other project other than their 'favourite' will in the long run lose out and will hold back the crypto movement on the whole. The fortunate thing is that there are plenty of other privacy focused cryptos out there, ZClassic, the ZCash fork minus the founders reward is a prime example of what makes it great these project are open source as well as Monero which was mentioned plus Dash, DeepOnion, PIVX and so many more. As I expect, he did talk about an anonymous coin.

I am extremely happy when he mentioned Zcash. He really sees the potential of privacy coins in the future. However, I also have another privacy one in my portfolio: Hope he can give this project a look. Bitcoin was created to be decentralized. Created to be anonymous Privacy shouldnt be associated with hacking or illegal activities, its a human right to not have our entire life tracked. Privacy crypto currencies are the future of the market in my honest opinion.

Not only that they have 45second block times able to handle tx per block, with a very cheap tx rate. If you compare every privacy coin side by side all features and obsfucation methods, DeepOnion beats them all to pulp! It picks up all bitcoins flaws and all other coins flaws. We need more people like Edward Snowden to inspire Americans to fight back against privacy invasion! Privacy coins could really help and protect us For me DeepOnion is the best solution for the privacy coins. Zcash will be dethroned and young and better project like DeepOnion will take his place.

Amazing development team and the future is bright for it. Thanks for sharing this interesting video. Privacy matters a lot, these days people can find good communities in crypto about privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies like DeepOnion or Dash they are teaching and empowering people how to get their privacy back!! Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio 22 days ago. Thanks for this video, it explains quite clear the main reasons why cryptocurrencies are so important, and mentioning good privacy coins like Monero, DeepOnion or ZCash is useful to get attention about privacy.

I already moved to privacy-coins and I think these coins going to be huge this My best pick out of this coins is DeepOnion. Lots of great features already unleashed, absolute anonymity is guaranteed because of Stealth Addresses and integrated the latest version of TOR. Still, it has a lot of room to grow. I really want to know your insights about this coins.

Looking forward to it iGadgetPro. Privacy is still fragile without anonymity. Eventually, I think only cryptos that are based on Tor will be relevant in the future. Here are some suggestions to research: I also think that Tor is a big deal for privacy coin. This type of cryptos has practical uses which are parallel to those of the bitcoin, I hope a great future for this type of blockchain technology.

Thank you for this video. It's so nice to have someone intellectual discuss privacy on RUvid. Privacy coins like Monero, Zcash and DeepOnion etc are great and I don't care if governments don't fancy them. They are there to protect our identities, our anonymity, our security.

I completely agree with you. I don't know if governments will ever like privacy coins. They don't seem to like what they can't control. I definitely like the idea of privacy coins and think they have a future. The ones you mention are good I think. If the Blockchain had existed beforethere would have been no attack on the WTC, no Irak war, no Afghanistan war, no Saddam Hussein nor Khaddafi killing, no Wiki leaks, no Snowden's whistleblowing, no Trump election, no Putin re-election, no Cambridge analytica scandal, no fake news, etc Such is the power of anonymity and decentralised platforms.

Who does one call when there is a glich in the system? What if you think someone has taken extra monies from your account? With arithmetic you can only solve certain types of problems. Calculus makes some of the insoluable ones easy. So the fact that you can't crack a certain function is nice but some new kind of math may let you crack blockchain easily.

You can't know what you don't know. There is a big future in cryptocurrencies -- government issued cryptocurrencies. If there is anything government hates, it is competition.

To quote John D. Rockefeller, "competition is sin". Thus, expect the government to outlaw the outlaw cryptos. Note the rising selloffs in cryptos by the "smart money". Not a coin but a growing consumer base of the bop market as well as the online community. Growing via cell division as in life. BTC market going down and down now move your investment to www. Hi my name is mike,I'm not to sure where to ask for help so I figured I would do it in the comment sections of the people I support.

Sorry if this isn't the best place to do this but I'm not good for asking for help. They gave me a court appointed attorney which he just wants me to take a plea bargain for 30 months in prison he said that's the best plea he can get. I keep telling him I want to fight the charge but he isn't having any of it. Wasn't in the best neighborhood well they grabbed me again to not let me leave.

I had a bottle of pepper spray in my car I ended up grabbing that and sprayed it at them so I could get out of there and call the police well I ended up getting out of there called police the second I got home.

To try to make this long story short after the police talked to everyone involved I ended up going to jail for aggravated battery because the other 3 people that punched me and took my last bit of money made a story up saying I started everything and all 3 of them have long criminal histories. I have 2 kids and scared to death of going to prison. If anyone could help me out in trying to retain a lawyer that would be greatly appreciated any amount would help. My PayPal is mikejay gmail.

Like Or Play Poker? Tons of stake levels and freerolls and formats. Really good rakeback and bonus's once u click this link and sign up! Individuals, identified by the U. Why else will they all have such good relations with a dictator and human rights abuses like Russia IF those so called social justice warriors fighting for the little man had such a problem with surveillance and human rights abuses and a prob.

I mean taking about surveillance Russia is running surveillance on everyones phones, FB, and mail accounts in Russia. The Kremlin have even admitted to the fact that Snowden is and was a Russian Agent. The Kremlin already has admitted Snowden is a Russian Agent see link www.

But some of the greatest confusion has come from Internet service providers and other telecommunication companies. These organizations now face impossible demands from the Russian state to give information to the FSB about anyone using their service In newly declassified documents, the panel cites classified U.

This weekend, it was exposed on Twitter that they acquired major Russian servers - from a known hacker - one week before the Podesta emails were released. Questions about Assange's links to Russia were raised last year, when the Daily Dot reported that WikiLeaks failed to publish documents that revealed a 2 billion euro transaction between the Syrian regime and a government-owned Russian bank in Imagine if the NSA created Zcash and faked the original master key ceremony.

I wouldn't put it past them.

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